Why Do We Work for AIG, but are not employed by them or get their bonuses?

March 18, 2009
Who Are These People and Why Are They So Shy?

Who Are These People and Why Are They So Shy?

One can only hope that this graph represents the end of the labyrinth of deceit, and that millions more of untraceable compensation for total failure are not hidden from public knowledge.  It is an insult to watch on TV the suggestion by Mr. Liddy today that these folks are in imminent danger and must be protected at all costs.  But, there is very good reason why inquiring minds want to know just who they are and what they have gotten away with.  The inquiring public mind now owns their “assets”, but the answers still eludes us all.

Shyness is akin to cowardliness, and this has nothing to do with threat of life, but rather threat of life in prison.  White-collar crime must bear the same stigma as any other crime to humanity.  What makes this a crime, and possibly one of collusion, is the burden so unjustly imposed on the backs of hard-working Americans.

The public outcry has become audible to the point of shaking the walls on Capitol Hill.  This represents a real and imminent threat all right, but not one that would excuse anyone from acting on behalf of the very individuals who have creped away, ever so quietly, to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Americans have done more than their share to “cooperate” for the “common good”.  Working for the common good has been, and continues to be, the exculpatory message from they who seek to harbor and protect the corporate elite.  However, as each day goes by the public buys into that rationale less and less.  The mob is a terrible monster to contend with, and totally unruly when drunk with anger.  Yes, let us ensure that we bring justice before we that are crying foul become the target of law.


Bailing Out “America”

November 13, 2008

Something has definitely been lost in the translation, but it has become crystal clear that today’s America is synonymous with the corporate elite.  We the People are we the corporate elite, who stand magnanimous in their plight to secure profit at the cost of a tax-impaled public. A prodigious parody of capitalism prevails throughout the Land of the Free, and the denizen who labor the fields are finally taking notice—so one must hope.


While conspiracy theorists must still defend their perspective from ridicule, some of the implications appear not so distorted.   Mainstream media is losing ground on their ability to secure passage for their benefactors—they are owned by them, after all, and thusly beholding to their interests.  New agendas sprout about on the Internet, unhindered by the bias of corporate intent, yet still very much committed to select interpretations of events.


In essence, the audience (We the People) is faced with an onslaught of information that it is often ill equipped to verify for authenticity and accuracy.  Nonetheless, certain messages ring true and the notion that salvation of the world is sacrifice of the individual still resonates against reason, and the true American Dream.

A Tribute to the late, GREAT Cundo Bermudez: Master Cuban Artist

October 30, 2008

The legacy of Mr. Cundo Bermudez will resonate throughout the art world and Cuban community for many more decades to come, but this is a sad day for this blogger.  Mr. Bermudez was a kind soul whose personality was as vibrant and colorful as his masterpieces.  One often hopes that such great talent grace the path one walks in a lifetime, and so was the fortune of this proud Cuban blogger.  We will never forget you, Cundo!


Gracias por haber sido parte de esta contribucion.  Ha sido un honor conocerte.  Descansa en paz.

Hedge Funds: Checks for FREE with bailouts for security

October 21, 2008

As a working fool, suffering from autopilot syndrome, one can easily miss the realization of how Wall Street has been operating for the last several years.  There is this thing called hedge funds, which eludes the knowledge of many a poor soul (as the song goes), whose focus is on the banal trappings of day-to-day survival.


Wise fools become hedge fund managers, raking in billions for doing nothing more than betting on the market.  From this phenomenon result the so-called speculators that the media may at times refer to amidst the topical discussion of economic stress.  These Wall Street boys (they are male) sit on pots of gold that have no intrinsic value as such, only a subjective quality that is at the mercy of human emotion.


Then there is the strongest of all emotion, love—nay infatuation to the point of insanity—over something called oil.  The speculation over this tangible black gold is urged by what these managers of nothing know all too well to be a blanket guarantee: The perception of a need intoxicates the senses to the point of pure altruism.  To the detriment of the altruist what is sacrificed is ten-fold in value to anything that the crude can offer, because it translates beyond the self. 

Along come they who labor in earnest to salvage the economy, an economy that they helped create, when the boys in the penthouses summon government to provide the vehicle for their escape (their parachute).  Under such circumstances no one can claim a victory for capitalism and the free market system.  Moreover, no one can earn a merit badge for ethical conduct; not even the ones paying for the bill.  Greed and avarice envelops the meekest of the bunch, and within their influence all creatures get sucked into making decisions they rather would not.  And when that happens, liberty has been lost.

Ode to the Unsung Hero and Heroine

October 11, 2008

The clash of Titans stirs up a lot of dust, while heroes fight the real battle under their feet.  It has been so from the beginning of time that triumph is a silent honor for the unsung hero. These angels subsist beyond the measure of any recognition; they walk among the proud and spite the mighty tyrants through simple acts of love.  There is always hope when one calls upon one of these meek servants, who oblige one to return a favor to one less fortunate.

¾Samuel Delgado

October 12, 2008

When the Village crumbles

September 20, 2008

There is an old African adage that says, “It takes a village to raise a child.”  The only problem with this picture is that no one has asked what happens when the village is comprised of idiots—ergo the “Village Idiot” cliché that one is equally familiar with comes into play.  The Collective wishes to raise its children, in so many different ways.  The Village knows how to take care of its fellow villager’s offspring, how to feed it, and even how to medically prescribe it medication (Witch Doctor style).


As a parent, one should reflect upon how the collective mindset plays the role of the idiot chieftain. Rather than protecting the sanctity of parenthood, the masses weigh in to undermine the backbone of family structure.  The presumption that individuals are naturally negligent sanctions the abuse by mass absurdity.


When the masses intervene, they ultimately end up encroaching upon natural rights.  The collective creates its own autonomy, through which it binds all individuals that comprise it.  Often, the results of a well-meaning collective have the direst consequences; from which it cannot recover.  One might find that a cause very close to one’s heart, for which one fought and managed to implement in the community through an enacting of law, returns as an enemy to spite the individuals intended to be benefited.


So, when considering the appealing prospect that every child should be kept healthy, ask whether or not that means that the village should decide how any one parent must feed their child, medicate their child, etc.  In a village not too far rumor of a village family—a Vegetarian family—spread to surrounding villages.  There was a child, an allegedly malnourished child, at the center of the controversy.  The offices of Children and Families removed the child, because apparently the masses did not prescribe to the idea that a Vegetarian diet was sufficient to maintain a healthy child.


This is but one example, one can think of the “medicated child” that is being treated for so many ailments—most predominantly to curve natural energy (Ritalin).  The Ritalin-induced child is a common manifestation of massive repression.  Similarly, the “vaccinated” child walks about without anyone having bothered to consider any long-term effects at the hands of the Witch Doctor.  The Witch Doctor, on the other hand, is very discrete in maintaining his mask of authority on at all times.  He is an ominous fellow, with all the reverence that only a Village can endow.

Your Government Invests for you…whether you want it to or not!

September 18, 2008

Capitol Hill cannot balance a budget, what makes our politicians think they can act on taxpayers’ behalf as an investment agent?  Now the bailouts are rescues, and the American Citizen is garnished with the title of investor, in an economy where corporate mismanagement and crime run amok.  The garnishing is just that, to prepare one for total consumption.  Are we not seeing an incredibly disturbing pattern here?  The insult to injury is that people whose retirement hangs in the balance of AIG’s incompetence are the same people who are expected to flip the $85 billion bill to keep it alive.

We must keep it alive though…it is critical to our economy.  Neglecting our collective duty to pitch in and rescue AIG—or the mortgage finance market for that matter—would be not only negligent, but also unpatriotic.  So, where does accountability come in?  The Private Citizen, that underdog with the superpower to save the day by forking out her hard earned cash through tax levies, is the one accountable—holding that bag of (you know what) that politicians keep throwing her way.


Yet, do not fear, we know that this 80% commitment (the equity stake) will ultimately render a high yield for our investing taxpayer.  Is that so?  When may we expect our dividends?  Will they come via another $600 tax rebate next year, or the year after that, or in a decade, or our lifetime—after our children pay off the war debt?  We the People…people…pawns.